Our History

Ecofos SpA was founded in 2006 as a producer and marketer of inputs for animal nutrition and sustainable fertilization, based on the trust given by the raw materials extracted by its parent company, Minera Formas.

Throughout his career, Ecofos has made significant achievements: the company provides more than 10,000 tons of phosphate rock only in Chile, which considered at an average application of 500 kg / ha, equivalent to more than 20,000 ha are fertilising sustainably. Also, Ecofos is responsible for the reformulation of caliche brines, which has allowed natural production of sodium nitrate with potassium, obtaining this product with organic certification under the NOP standard.

Ecofos owns mineral processing plants, which today are being beneficiated to concentrate them naturally, and without chemical alterations, where they also produce high availability phosphoric rocks for both powder and granular soils.

In its new acid plant, Ecofos is now producing tricalcium phosphate free of fluorine or de-fluoroated, high purity, in addition to a new line of concentrated phosphates of high availability grade feed.

Ecofos has also undertaken the task of investigating biological controls, which have been developed in conjunction with inputs Ecological Ltda. And study centers and research both in Chile and abroad, supported by various projects financed by state institutions. All of them have been successfully tested both experimentally and commercially, along with important agro-industrial, agricultural and livestock companies.

The success achieved by Ecofos has led the company to expand internationally, generating important alliances with multinational groups. In its plant of mixtures of animal nutrition additives, and in conjunction with the Dutch company Denkavit and the Chilean Lüttecke y Cía. Ltda., Ecofos develops mixtures and milk substitutes of the Denkamilk line, being its representative in the national market. On the other hand, along with Tencom Group SPA of Italy, Ecofos is introducing to Chile several proteins of animal origin, as much for bovine nutrition, aquaculture, pets, birds and pigs, besides nitrogen fertilizers with high technology and organic certificates. Also, Ecofos and its trading subsidiary Ecomarine Research S.A. have offices in Xiamen, China and Guayaquil, Ecuador; maintaining in Ecuador plants own fish meal of standard quality with high protein content. In addition, Ecofos has a line of aquaculture fertilizers that are distributed today in more than 25 countries icons in the production of shrimp, like Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil and Thailand among others.

In addition to the above, there is the backing of international certifications, given that in 2011 the company has initiated processes for the certification of Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO 9001: 2008, both recognitions that support the seriousness and commitment of Ecofos.

In this way, Ecofos is consolidated nationally and internationally as a leading company in the production and commercialization of fertilizers, animal nutrition inputs and biological controllers of high quality and innovation, through sustainable technologies and friendly to the environment.